Documentary work on women in Mumbai

“Durga’s Daughters” is an amalgam of women’s courage in different situations, an allegory of the strength of the warrior goddess Durga, known as the invincible one. This photographic work gathers the testimony of several women who live independently, because life has led them to this situation, as well as the case of women seeking to have decision-making power in their own lives, without being cast into imposed loneliness. It also includes the eyes of young people who eagerly await the chance to change their own destiny. All this, against the backdrop of a Bollywood Mumbai, as the paradigm of the land of dreams.


Freelance photographer working in photojournalism, documentary photography and audiovisual production. She teaches photography at the Tecnocampus of Mataró (forming part of Pompeu Fabra University) and other centres that specialize in photography.

She graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the URV in Tarragona (2013) and studied Photojournalism at the IEFEC (2007) and Social studies (2008), as well as Travel Photography (2008) at CEV and Graphical Editing (2009).

Her work centres on social issues, anthropology and travel. Highlights of her career include work on the gypsy people in Barcelona and Eastern Europe, in Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, with a particular focus on the causes and effects of the Romani diaspora throughout Europe. She has exhibited her work at various festivals such as DocField, Outono fotografico, Visa pour l´Image, Bienal Xavier Miserachs and Fotofesta, as well at cultural spaces and art galleries.

For more information you can call 937695102 or send email to: visitmutur@calella.cat.