An exhibition by Ada Parellada & Agnès Villamor

An exhibition to reflect on our personal eating habits in the understanding that they not only affect our body but also the environment in which we live as well as our planet.

Chef Ada Parellada and anthropologist Agnès Villamor are the curators of this exhibition, which makes us reflect on our eating habits to understand that they not only affect our body, but also the environment in which we live and the planet.

With this museography, accompanied by activities, the aim is to enable all audiences to experience close theoretical content with an innovative approach.

The exhibition is co-produced by the Museum of Natural Sciences of Granollers and the Cultural Heritage Office of the Department of Culture of the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Complementary activities

– Guided tour

By Ada Parellada, curator of the exhibition.

Friday the 4th of March, at 18.00 hours.

– The Great Lunch

A workshop set in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in which it will be simulated, with the participation of attendees, how to organize a great banquet.

By Kuanum.

Friday the 1st of April 1, at 18.00 hours.

Limited places. Reservations by email: fernandezcl@calella.cat


For more information you can call 937695102 or send email to: visitmutur@calella.cat.